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According to Eastern Nutrition Principles every food has an affect on the body. Foods are described by flavor and nature. Foods can be either hot, warm, neutral cool or cold in nature. The flavors are normally broken into six groups; sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty, and bland. Each of these flavors has an affinity for specific organs and Qi pathways.

Following a Chinese nutrition guide that has been individualized to best suit your needs, and that incorporates the tenets of Chinese medical theory, can dramatically change the way you look, feel and think about your health.

Chinese Dietary Therapy Benefits

Choosing foods according to one’s constitution and condition can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, minimize digestive discomfort, increase energy, and even help with conception.

Changing the food you eat can have a dramatic difference on your energy levels and mental clarity. A TCM diet can lead to weightloss, eliminate diabetes, improve heart disease and decrease joint pains from arthritis.

Chinese Dietary Therapist Boise

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During each nutritional counseling session in our Boise location, we will discuss your health challenges and goals, go over your current diet, and identify what dietary changes can help bring you into better balance. We recommend bringing a food diary of at least a week’s food intake with you for your first nutritional consultation unless you have or have had an eating disorder.

Based on your individual diagnosis, certain foods can be recommended to bring balance to your constitution or condition and enhance your acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions.

I can advise the right foods according to your body type and health concerns, which will help your body recover from problems as well as keep you from becoming ill.

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As a Chinese Medicine Practioner, I Vow

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To honor this gift of being called to service and I dedicate myself to remaining humble and honest

To trust in the natural order of life and strive to light the innate healing process in all beings.

To continue on my path of personal and spiritual cultivation of maintaining a high level of consciousness and balance.

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