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What Is Qigong?

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Qigong is a type of Chinese martial art related to Tai Chi using a holistic system of slow exercise movements, concentration, controlled breathing, and meditation to promote health and spirituality.

Qigong Benefits & Healing

Similar to yoga, more and more doctors are promoting relaxation to reduce stress and promote healing. The benefits of Qigong are calming the mind and body then focus the energy on self-healing. Strengthening the muscles with low impact exercises prevent falls and gives balance to the body. The concentration of Qi gong therapy achieves a relaxed state of mind reducing stress.

"Mindful or meditative movement allows the body to do what it does best, which is to make its own medicine, a natural result of calming the mind, deepening the breath and relaxing the muscles during gentle movement. During the practices of qigong and tai chi, the biochemicals that support health and immune function increase, while the biochemicals that produce inflammation, pain and depression/anxiety are lessened."
Professor Linda Larkey of Arizona State University

Boise Qigong Classes

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If you would like to try beginner classes and discover the healing exercises of qigong, please join a session to learn the techniques. Any age group with any level of mobility or condition can practice Qi Gong.

  • Saturday October 6th, 1-4pm 
    Sage Yoga & Wellness Boise ~$38
  • Saturday November 17th, 1-4pm 
    Sage Yoga & Wellness Boise ~$38

These 3 Hour qigong workshops will include Daoyin self massage sequence, Qigong movement practice and Chinese Medicine 5 Element teaching. Call Callie to register, 406-570-8792

Exercise Types

Classes for Beginners

Enhance your immune system, alleviate many common health issues, increase energy, lose weight and strengthen the body.

Classes for Seniors

Get strong & regain your balance for older adults; gain energy plus reduce arthritis.

Classes for Children

Kids with special needs like autism, ADHD, aspergers, hyperactivity, and other sensory symptoms.

End Your Pain • Feel Better • Get Healthy

Call 406-570-8792

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As a Chinese Medicine Practioner, I Vow

To honor my ancestors, my teachers and the lineage of Classic Chinese Medicine

To honor this gift of being called to service and I dedicate myself to remaining humble and honest

To trust in the natural order of life and strive to light the innate healing process in all beings.

To continue on my path of personal and spiritual cultivation of maintaining a high level of consciousness and balance.

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