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Shamanic Healing

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I can help you tap into your internal guidance system, determine your goal, then assist to meeting that goal as a Shamanic Healer in Boise. Shamanism works to restore our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Some of my ritual ceremonies include:

  • Healing
  • Blessings
  • Extraction

"I Just Don't Feel Right"

Something is wrong but medication or doctors are not helping.

Many people who seak non-traditional healing, comment that “I have not been the same since the incident,” or “a part of me died that day.” As a Shamanic Healer, I can mend the wound of your spirit if you:

  • Possess a strong desire to create more meaningful relationships with oneself, others, nature, and the spirit world
  • Are ready to move forward beyond old thought patterns and unhealthy habits that no longer serve them
  • Are ready to dig deep down and willing to seek genuine self-inquiry in order to move into a greater self
  • Want to create real, positive, and lasting change within yourself but feel somehow "blocked" and wish for guidance on how to move forward

What Is Shamanism Healing?

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Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known. Shamanic healing has been practiced for thousands of years all across the globe, like Peru, Siberia, Celtic, and Inca cultures.

Shamaninc healing, the true healing— cannot be done on a physical level. Healing means to return to wholeness, and returning to wholeness is purely inside the spirit of you. Spiritual healing addresses the root problems that cause disease. As a shamanic healer in Boise, I know how to move and manipulate the energy of another’s body and can pass wisdom through from the spirit realm making you feel whole again.

End Your Pain • Feel Better • Get Healthy

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As a Chinese Medicine Practioner, I Vow

To honor my ancestors, my teachers and the lineage of Classic Chinese Medicine

To honor this gift of being called to service and I dedicate myself to remaining humble and honest

To trust in the natural order of life and strive to light the innate healing process in all beings.

To continue on my path of personal and spiritual cultivation of maintaining a high level of consciousness and balance.

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