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At Radiant Earth Acupuncture, we have treated hundreds of patients throughout our medical careers. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine you are given customized treatment plans and the highest standard of holistic care to support you on your journey to wellness and balance.

Inspired to improve health and bring radiance into the lives of all and for the earth, I am excited to be offering services to the community of Boise.

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Radiant Earth Acupuncture
2807 N Norman Dr
Boise, Idaho 83704
Monday-Saturday 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Phone: (406) 570-8792


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My Dedication & Oath For My Practice

  • I dedicate myself to obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively offer Chinese Medicine as a healing modality to others and myself.

  • I dedicate myself to support life by making decisions based on high moral and ethical standards and being an example to my best ability of living a balanced and healthy life.

  • I vow to honor my ancestors my teachers and the lineage of Chinese Medicine that is being transmitted to me.

  • I vow to honor this gift of being called to service and I dedicate myself to remaining humble and honest with my gifts and abilities through all these endeavors.

  • I vow to trust in the natural order of life and I will strive to support and bring to light the innate healing process in all beings.

  • I vow to see my patients as complex and whole beings and to not judge them or carry unhealthy expectations of them or myself.

  • I vow to continue on my path of personal and spiritual cultivation in hopes of maintaining a high level of consciousness and balance.

  • I vow and dedicate myself to the practice of re-connecting myself and others and all beings to the planet, our Mother Earth to bring about an up-leveled collective consciousness.

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