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How much does acupuncture cost?

Pricing for our services

Radiant Earth Acupuncture offers two types of services: Body work, which includes acupuncture, massage and craniosacral therapy; and Consultation, which includes herbal medicine, nutrition and other types of health education. All patients must come in for an initial visit, which includes both types in a single 90 minute session. See a detailed list of the services we offer and their prices below.

what we offer

Initial visit

Your first visit begins with an interview to discuss your history, goals for treatment and a physical assessment. The interview is followed by acupuncture, other types of bodywork and/or consultation according to your needs. The first visit is 90 minutes and is required for all new patients.

First visit: $174 for 90min. 


Acupuncture treatment often includes several modalities of hands-on bodywork including Shiatsu and Craniosacral as well Fire Cupping. For dedicated bodywork, we offer referrals to our in-house massage therapist Radical Unwinding.

Bodywork is $116/hr


When you come in for a consultation, we discuss your symptoms and identify strategies for holistic healing. Callie can recommend treatment with Traditional Chinese herbs (TCM) as well as adjustments to diet and lifestyle for healing the whole person.

Consultation is $116/hr 

Our Services


$174 initial /$116 follow up

Chinese Herbal Medicine

$116 /hour (not including herbs)

Nutritional Counseling

$116 /hour



Fire Cupping

$116 /hour

My dedication and oath for my practice

  • I dedicate myself to obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively offer Chinese Medicine as a healing modality to others and myself.
  • I dedicate myself to support life by making decisions based on high moral and ethical standards and being an example to my best ability of living a balanced and healthy life.
  • I vow to honor my ancestors my teachers and the lineage of Chinese Medicine that is being transmitted to me.
  • I vow to honor this gift of being called to service and I dedicate myself to remaining humble and honest with my gifts and abilities through all these endeavors.

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